Ashlee Craft / Assemblage, Issue 8 Now Available!

Ashlee Craft / Assemblage, Issue 8 - Cover

Issue 8 of Ashlee Craft’s life-is-a-playground art & poetry zine, Ashlee Craft / Assemblage.


a letter 4 / a little bit tired 6 / afraid of getting sad again 7 / you know you could do better, right? 8 / forgiveness 9 / raw, beautiful people 10 / dreams 11 / the roar of the lion 12 / so close 13 / lunch food 14 / you thought you had me 15 / frog 17 / you love me & I feel the same way towards you 18 / the first day 19 / you changed too much 20 / light at the end of the tunnel 21 / the purest love 22 / afraid of the future 23 / pay 24 / it was a strange time in my life 25 / I don’t need you to feel that way 26 / space 27 / forgotten 28 / pointless pain 30 / feeling better (maybe I just need to be alone) 31 / looking forward to tomorrow 32 / I will take care of myself though 33 / why do we fall? 34 / questions 35 / happy again 36 / have fun 37 / wow, it’s weird 38 / what says the most about people 39 / I casually destroyed their little plan 40 / I’ll take care of you 41 / being an everyday person 42 / jealous 43 / friends 44 / I know I made the right choice 45 / choosing you 46 / beautiful 47 / people with clouds of a smile behind them 48

Publish Date // December 18, 2015
Paperback 48 pages
Genre // Magazines

Kindle Edition

December 6, 2015 // Playlist

December 6, 2016 // Playlist

Listen to playlist on YouTube

1. Love Will Find a Way – Pablo Cruise

2. Call Me – Blondie 

3. Safe & Sound – Capitol Cities

4. Break the Walls – Fitz & the Tantrums

5. Confident – Demi Lovato

6. I Am Not a Robot – Marina & the Diamonds

7. I Spy – Mikhael Paskalev

8. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

9. You Make My Dreams – Hall & Oates

10. Thunder Clatter – Wild Cub

11. Oh No! – Marina & the Diamonds

12. Bulletproof – La Roux

My Favorite Things, December 4, 2015

Sunset Rose // My Favorite Things, December 4, 2015

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to products that I recommend. When you click on an affiliate link to a product on an external website, I will recieve compensation if you buy something. If I recommend something though, it is because I really do like it. Thank you for your support.



★ I Spy by Mikhael Paskalev. LET ME SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SONG. This is one of those songs that just gives you a music epiphany. That makes shivers run down your spine & makes your ears feel bliss. I can’t really even put its brilliance & ebullience & magic into words. I love how it starts out sounding kind of lo-fi like it’s playing on a record in a room in your house. I love how it suddenly gets powerful & passionate when all the other instruments come in. I love the part where everyone is singing the part about “lost at sea” & the reverb at this part. Pure, pure magic.

★ Bulletproof by La Roux. This is the song I am playing on repeat & have been ever since I first heard it. I was creeping on YouTube looking for new music & found this song via the recommended video section of a Marina & The Diamonds song. It’s my go-to feel good song right now. I love everything about it. The bouncing, active, futuristic synth feel of it, the fierce lyrics, don’t-bring-me-down message, & the overall feel of it.  Also, the music video is so awesome, & reminds me a little of David Bowie’s work.

★ Blue Moon by Beck. I heard this song on the radio & immediately wanted to know what song it was. It has a driving, dreamy sound to it that made me fall in love with it & all its bittersweet renditions of love.

★ Confident by Demi Lovato. A badass song. Confidence is the key, & if you’re not confident yet, then I am a firm believer in faking it ’till you make it. Great for practicing your confidence walk to, posing in front of the mirror, or dancing to.

Safe & Sound by Capitol Cities. “I know that we’ll be safe & sound.” I love the bouncing & warm & synthy sound of this song. I find it a feel-good, comforting song.



Odwalla Superfood Drink. It has apples, peaches, strawberries, bananas, mango, spirulina, & kale. What more can you ask for? KALE. It tastes good, & tastes more fruit-based than greens-based, but it still has that little bit of hearty earthiness that more greens-based drinks provide. Also, it comes in bulk, which saves money. I like veggie smoothies like this because they make it easy for me to get my daily servings of vegetables in even if I’m busy.

Better Than Bullion Organic Vegetable Base. A recent major-fave of mine. I make a package of plain ramen noodles & when they’re done, I dissolve some of this in hot water & pour it over the noodles. It tastes exactly like regular ramen noodles, if regular ramen noodles’ flavoring was both organic & vegetarian. I love this stuff.

CHEESY PRETZELS. Since I discovered these, they fit into the category of foods that I always want to keep around in my house. They have a great cheese flavor, the right amount of saltiness, & as an added bonus, you get a collection of cheese dust stuck to your fingers to lick off when you’re done eating the pretzels. I love these things.



Am I Really Happy Every Single Day? A few great tips on how you can make your life into the awesomeness that it can be.

The Importance of PlayEven though you might be busy/stressed/bored/an adult/etc, play is still important.



★ 13 Sandwiches From Around the World. These look SO GOOD & made me want to create a whole bunch of new, weird sandwiches, as well as try all the sandwiches in this video.

Baby Owls Blinking. That’s all you need to know. They are so fuzzy.



★ Flannel Shirts. I own a pink flannel shirt & a red flannel shirt. They look rugged & wintery & woodsy, & I typically roll up the sleeves. Also, flannel shirts are cozy for the winter, as well as very comfortable.

★ Combat Boots. They look badass, & you can wear them with pretty much any outfit to make it look even more awesome. Jeans & a t-shirt? Badass. Rugged pants & flannel? Badass. Frilly pink dress & a hair ribbon? Badass. They go with everything, last a long time if you get good ones, & can be worn at all times of the year. Kind of like good ol’ Converse. Both are essentials, as well as versitle classics.

★ Photo Print Socks. I adore my photo print socks mostly because (a) they look cool, & (b) they look really cool inside my clear glitter jelly shoes. I only own a pair of strawberry-print ones currently, but I would like to own lots of pairs of them, especially ones with pizza, doughnuts, & probably ones with pineapples & animals too.



Make Perfect Corners On a Bed Sheet. I did this last time I changed my sheets & it looked beautiful. I never used to use a flat sheet but now I do, so with that comes the necessary education of making it look really nice.

Unplug From the Internet with Help From Rookie Mag. I love these articles about doing Real Things in Real Life. The Internet is great, but you shouldn’t live there.



★ Nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy. Doesn’t matter what accolades or prestige it has, or whether it’s what you’re “supposed” to do. You gotta live life on your own terms, & as long as you aren’t hurting anybody, go full speed ahead towards the things that really make you happy, & shun & push away anything that doesn’t.



Issue 7 of Ashlee Craft / Assemblage has been released!

I had a great Thanksgiving. I had the day off, so I sat around the house & worked on my upcoming poetry book & the novel I am currently working on. I ate turkey, vegetarian turkey cutlets, & lots of great side dishes, as well as pecan pie. Then, my family watched The Santa Clause, which is a holiday tradition of ours for us to watch it sometime during the holiday season. It was a fun & relaxing day.

My veggie tray meal as a snack on Thanksgiving afternoon.

(above) My veggie tray meal as a snack on Thanksgiving afternoon.

Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving dinner!

★ More Christmas posts will be coming soon! This means coloring pages like the Thanksgiving ones I made, & hopefully soon some lists of cool things to buy for people you know.


Ashlee Craft / Assemblage, Issue 7 Now Available!

Ashlee Craft / Assemblage, Issue 7Issue 7 of Ashlee Craft’s life-is-a-playground art & poetry zine, Ashlee Craft / Assemblage.

it depends 4 / just love (no more fear) 6 / nothing ventured NOTHING GAINED 7 / it is the confidence 8 / why can’t it be me? 9 / continue being happy 10 / training 11 / you can validate yourself 12 / pretzel rolls & a movie 13 / one step at a time 14 / no motivation 15 / to hell with all this 16 / vegan meals 17 / tarot 18 / excited to get out of bed 19 / marine iguana 20 / that’s just what I do 21 / freaked out 22 / it hurts like hell 23 / body 24 / proud of myself 25 / days of being happy 26 / I really am going to (I hope so) 27 / thoughts 28 / happy person 29 / strength to be happy 30 / teeth 31 / she liked to battle her demons in the dark 32 / I want to make my own clothes & school myself 34 / you will do an amazing job 35 / hello, I am 36 / part of a team 37 / upcoming books 38 / I’ve stopped using it as an escape 39 / be who you want to be 40 / a glimpse 42 / flower on a table 43 / I knew then I belonged there 44 / a few random thoughts of mine 46 / night tree 47 / so many projects to work on 48

Publish Date // November 27, 2015
Paperback 48 pages
Genre // Magazines

Kindle Edition