A Resource of Interesting Articles!

A running list, divided up by category, of articles I find interesting. Created to free up space on my poor phone.

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(Note: Click on links at your own discretion. It is the internet, so I cannot guarantee that all the information in the links is accurate or safe because things can change, so use your best judgement. Links posted here are not necessarily endorsements for the information contained within or the creators of that content)



  1. Top Frozen Yogurt Franchises: https://www.guidantfinancial.com/blog/2015s-top-frozen-yogurt-franchise-brands/
  2. Random Squash Recipes: https://www.drwalcherfarms.com/recipes


  1. Is the Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial Emu Real? https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20190718/television-mailbag-is-that-real-emu-in-liberty-mutual-commercials


  1. Which Tim Curry Character are You Based on Your Zodiac? (I’m obviously King Arthur lol bc I’m a Leo~): https://www.ranker.com/list/tim-curry-characters-zodiac-signs/chase-mcneill

Mental Health:

  1. BPD coping memes about “splitting”: https://themighty.com/2019/04/splitting-memes-borderline-personality-disorder-bpd/


  1. (Possibly NSFW??) Non-Sexual Touching/Intimacy Ideas: https://ogradywellbeing.com/sex-non-sexual-touching/

Travel Stuff

  1. Where to Find Key Deer: https://www.visitflorida.com/en-us/cities/florida-keys/how-to-see-local-wildlife.html

Voice Acting

  1. How to Stop Sounding Monotone While Voice Actinghttps://www.quora.com/how-can-i-improve-my-voiceover-narration-so-i-dont-sound-so-monotone-and-robotic