Art Poems, Volume 2

Art Poems, Volume 2 by Ashlee Craft - Coverrepeating patterns of city motifs played out in cardboard box puppet theaters / tiny tulips sprouting up from between cracks in the cold hard cement yet not limited by the insufficient sunshine which reaches them still choosing to bloom in the darkness / they sprout upwards towards the sun because it is their right & they cannot be stopped by what or where they might be at the time / just as the mountain must push up thru the soil before it can touch the clouds / must be reminded that the sunlight is still out there & can be found if only you keep seeking it / & that the only way you can go is up, that you must keep on growing or else you will never reach the clouds or the sunlight / if you do not try, you will never be looked up to or brighten the day of the lonely traveler on their way to work as they walk thru the city streets & are suddenly reminded that there is still hope / bricks marking patterns upon the walls surrounding them & sunlight glints off of them in their morning dew / casting rainbows off & onto the sublime flower petals & the flowers absorb the sunlight & for now, it is enough / the flowers are growing despite their trials / the bricks are shining & bringing overlooked strength to the streets despite being trapped between others / & the mountain still grows despite the magnitude of what lies ahead

Art Poems, Volume 2 is a collection of 23 poems to inspire your day.


Publish Date // October 19, 2013
Paperback 52 Pages
Genre // Art, Poetry

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