Golden Ladders to the Stars & Beyond (dir. Ashlee Craft)

TitleYearRun TimeGenre
Birth of a Rock Star20196 MinutesDrama - Stop Motion
20191 MinuteExperimental
Electric Rainbow Road20182 MinutesDrama - Stop-Motion
Gifts of the Heart20134 MinutesDrama - Silent Film
Golden Ladders to the Stars & Beyond20137 MinutesDrama
nyc onomatopoeia20205 MinutesExperimental
The Power of Music & Food20194 MinutesPuppets
round & round>20182 minutesExperimental
Still Life20143 MinutesExperimental
Summer, I Remember Your Lights20152 MinutesExperimental
Yellow Balloons20137 MinutesDrama
You Obviously Love Owls - YOLO #120181 MinuteComedy - Stop-Motion