Winter // Sample Chapter

Winter Book Cover


tumbling down from the
freefall freefall freefall freefalling
from the sky
whispering thru the misty crevices of our minds & bringing the cool surmise winter wind blowing & the sky, ice gray with the wonder…fluffy snow gathering on the branches of the trees & wind nipping at my skin…snowflakes on windowsills
blowing thru the night
blowing blowing blowing onwards
in the cool sacred night
dancing thru the boughs of pine as I sip hot cocoa from my porch bundled in coat & scarf & holding onto your hand gently as we share the moment…bright wind of winter storm blowing invigorating invigorating my senses & freeing my mind
believing in the things you can’t
believing believing beliving & knowing
in your heart, trusting
freedom of believing in the magic that surrounds us & believing there is still goodness in humanity & that there is still hope & bringing hope to those who desperately need it, need to be freed from their sorrow & opening their eyes
as we show them
once again, the

Winter is in the Air

winter is in the air / I can feel its magic everywhere I look / I can smell its sweet fragrance everywhere I go / I can hear its bells ringing everywhere I am / the winter wind is blowing / candles warm the air & our hearts with their kind glow & people ring bells on every street corner & a profound sense of magic hangs over the world & peace suddenly seems possible

winter is in the air / I can sense it in the hearts of those around me / I can see it on the faces of the people / I can hear it in their voices as they wish me Merry Christmas / the snowmen the children are building / coolness of snow surrounds me & the scent of pine is all around & the freshness of air that seems so alive

winter is in the air / winter is in our hearts & the spirit of Christmas & the spirit of giving free us from the chains of greed we lock ourselves in, drawing ourselves away from helping our fellow human beings & forgetting that we belong to each other & most importantly, forgetting what the magic of love is

we need winter to remind us what matters most / to remind us what love is / we need winter in the air

Christmas is in My Heart

Christmas is in my heart / all the whole year round / even when the air is warm & there’s no snow on the ground
Christmas is in my mind / every day & every night / for I know I have the courage to do what I believe to be right
Christmas is in my grasp / whenever I see a smile or give thanks / even when there’s no ice left on riverbanks
Christmas is in my soul / when I give whatever I can give / for it is only through giving that we truly learn how to live
Christmas is in my embrace / for I always know where you are / I feel that we’re together, even if the distance is far
Christmas is in my demeanor / for I’m trying my very best / to do what is right & make good choices, to fly through every test
Christmas is in the songs I sing / for each day I’m falling in love / this happiness so profound, like the gentle peace of the winter dove
Christmas is in the air / in every store that I go / the kindness & warmth I’m feeling, love just has to grow
Christmas is in the air / people all around the world / yet in one voice we sing together, in one voice we are heard
Christmas is in my heart / feel the profound love & peace / for nothing is impossible if we can just believe

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