Soft Art of Jared & Darius From Jar of Rebuke

[IMAGE ID: A soft, slightly hazy pastel & colored pencil drawing of Jared & Darius sitting in the center of a green couch together. Darius is on the right & Jared is on the left. Their heads are touching & they are looking towards each other. Darius has his arm around Jared's shoulders & they are holding hands. Jared's other hand is resting in his own lap, & both Darius & Jared's legs are pulled up on the couch. Jared is shown as a Black person with medium-short curly hair, & Jared is shown as a white person with slightly shaggy brown hair. Both characters are wearing red hoodies, black pants, & white socks. Both are also blushing. Grove, the Hellhound which resembles something like a black lab, is standing in front of the couch with his head resting on the couch between Jared & Darius. The green couch is in front of a dark green wall with a painting of trees & a painting of Grove. On the right, there is a yellow lamp shedding light into the room. It sits on top of a wooden end table where a red mug also sits. On the right, there is another end table with a green mug on it. END ID]

I drew this SUPER SOFT art of Jared & Darius from Jar of Rebuke for Casper for their birthday, BUT I couldn’t post it before the episode came out bc I didn’t wanna spoil anything!!

Anyways, Jared & Darius are SUPER ADORABLE together & I feel like a quiet night in, just cuddling & chatting on the couch while Grove occasionally asks for attention, is exactly the kind of time they would enjoy spending together <3

Made with pastels & colored pencils! 🙂