Blossom the Elephant Makes a Friend // Sample Chapter

Blossom the Elephant Makes a Friend by Ashlee Craft - Cover

Blossom the Elephant Makes a Friend - Blossom

It was a bright and sunny day. I was wearing my favorite teal dress and looking at the sunflowers that grew in my yard. It was windy out and my flowers danced in the wind. I was thinking about how pretty my flowers were and how nice today would be.
It was at that moment that I heard the sound of a truck nearby.
What was that sound?

Blossom the Elephant Makes a Friend - The Moving Truck
I walked over towards the fence to see where the sound was coming from. There was a big blue moving truck parked in the driveway of the house next door! The house had been empty ever since the last neighbors moved out a few weeks ago. I looked over the fence and tried to see who was getting out of the moving truck, but it was hard to see over the fence.
Excited, I ran back towards my house to tell my mom about the new elephants next door.

Blossom the Elephant Makes a Friend - New Neighbors

I told my mom that there were new people moving in next door.
She smiled and said,
“Let’s go over and meet them!”
We walked out the gate to my yard and went into the neighbor’s yard. I led the way because I wanted to be the first person to see the new neighbors. Maybe they would be a nice family with an elephant my age!
Maybe I would make a friend!

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