Creative Fuel! 65 Projects to Expand Your Creative Horizons // Sample Chapter

Creative Fuel by Ashlee Craft - Cover

This is a book of


& there are no right or wrong answers.

The outcome of every project here is entirely up to you.

Today, you are the artist. It is up to you to make these projects turn out in a way that’s uniquely yours.

Define Art

          1. (noun) Whatever you want it to be.

Synonyms: Unique, special, profound, beautiful, awesome

HINT: If you don’t think you’re creative, pretend that you are your favorite artist. If you believe you’re creative, you are.


Draw, paint, or sketch 365 (from Creative Fuel by Ashlee Craft)

of something. Make each drawing the same, or try varying the color, size, style, or perspective for a different effect. If you want, create a blog featuring your art and post a different work of art each day.


Try doing a painting, sketch, or drawing of one of the following concepts. You might choose to represent each one in a realistic format, or abstractly:

Peace / Love / The most important moment of your life (so far) / The least important moment of your life (so far) / What happiness is / What sorrow feels like / The color of anger / The most peaceful, comforting, or relaxing thing in the world / Can money buy happiness? / Your chosen superpower / Ten things you’d take to the moon / Your favorite place in the world / The biggest issue or challenge you, society, the world, or someone you know faces / Your favorite animal / Anything is possible / Your beliefs about the meaning of life / The Universe / An everyday object / Yourself / Your favorite person in the world / An animal that you love / Your favorite book / Your favorite hobby / The Unknown / Tomorrow / What things would look like to you if you were someone or something else / Music


Piano (from Creative Fuel by Ashlee Craft)

Draw something which represents sound. This can be a song you love, your favorite or least favorite sound, or sound in general.


Draw a piece of art that isn’t art.

Bonus points: Draw something which defines what art means to you.


Create a meadow of paintings. Decide for yourself how to represent this idea.


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