Pressure Point

Pressure Point by Ashlee Craft - Cover“The room was dark and smoky. Abandoned chairs sat around a small table, and a broken light bulb dangled uselessly above it. Moments ago, the light had been lit, until the commotion had broken out and shattered all sense of peace.

The sounds of the gunfire still seemed to resonate within the walls.

A man wearing a dark coat stepped from the shadows. His black hair was well oiled, and between this and his coat, he had about him the appearance of someone classy yet distant, clean-cut yet sinister. His lips twitched cruelly into a smile as he looked at the scene around him. He had succeeded in his endeavor.”

In this psychological suspense novel, Jenna Andrews, a detective and secret agent, is sent to protect a rich inventor and his family who have been threatened by a mysterious killer known for taking his victims to a warehouse before murdering them. Tortured by her dark past, Jenna is afraid that once more she will fail those who she was sent to protect. She’s up against a killer who’s set on breaking his breaking his victims from the inside out by using their emotional pressure points against them, a killer who psychologically torments all who he choses to kill. As no one knows where the killer is, all they can do is wait for him to make his final attack.


Publish Date // September 13, 2013
Paperback 428 Pages
Genre // Fiction – Thriller
Themes // Psychological Thriller, Murder
Security Organizations, Suspense

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