Diary of the Sad Boy – Pt. 1

Diary of the Sad Boy – Pt. 1 is a collection of 35 vent poems on themes such as depression, suicidal thoughts, & self-harm.

From the book –


he wasn’t the one holding the blade but he might as well have been
the crossroads burnt at the stake the stop signs went up in flames the boulders
crumbled as they cascaded down the mountains signs warning DANGER in red letters &
the fear bubbled up inside me at the verge
at the verge oh, I have planned this for too long &
it would be easier next time but this time the overwhelm
seeps in through muddy cracks in stucco bleeding through
& I am half-heartedly seeking all forms of relief; suddenly the pills
& the blade & the danger all seem very good (used gently, so as
just to leave the barest mark) but still used, relief flooding out
like the dam cracking falling down flooding out water
cascading the tsunami & I am the dangerous character;
I am the dangerous character
I wonder where I am, always riding the parallel road

Released: July 2, 2020
Paperback 48 Pages