[IMAGE ID: A thin white masculine nonbinary person with short blonde hair & brown eyes looks off to the side of the camera. They are sitting outdoors in front of a wooden fence & wearing a white shirt with green dinosaurs on it, a black & white striped blazer, & a pink bow tie, which they are holding the edge of in their left hand. END ID]


Official Biography

Ashlee Craft is an author, artist, actor, poet, & filmmaker. They have written more than 100 books in a variety of genres & publish an art & poetry zine called Assemblage. Ashlee owns SHOP Ashlee Craft, where they sell & design eclectic products that make it fun to be yourself, as well as the publishing company Freedom Meadow Media. They can be found wearing numerous costumes (including a chicken suit), creating art, & living by their life-is-a-playground motto.


Twitter : @Ashlee_Craft

LinkedIn : Ashlee Craft

Facebook : Ashlee Craft