First drawing in a new art series on sexuality that I’ve just started working on, now that I’m *finally* becoming a lot more comfortable with myself in a LOT of ways, including sexuality & realizing it’s not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed by, because growing up, I wasn’t shamed for it so much, but I was for a long time super awkward about it.

My parents saw sexuality for a long time, until not too long ago, as being something embarrassing, & me, being obsessed with being “the good child”, came to see it as embarrassing as well. I’ve wanted to start an art series like this for a while, & becoming comfortable with my gender has really helped my comfort level in so many ways.

I’ve been a lot more comfortable accepting that I’m bisexual AF & acknowledging at least to myself folks that I find attractive, & that I frequently experience sexual attraction but only in certain circumstances experience what *might* be romantic attraction but is strong regardless & that there’s nothing wrong with this, & that even though I’ve never been in a relationship I still consider myself to be polyamorous, & I’m working on not being embarrassed so much by any of this anymore ♥


Imbue everything with silver linings!

This is one of the first things I’ve posted from a new series of drawings/doodles I’ve been working on! I have a SHIT TON of ideas for doodles, & for a long time I was like “I have to make everything I draw perfect because Perfectionism is Life & everything I draw has to be a big, dramatic deal”.

But I found some origami paper that I bought like three years ago lol & thought “I SHOULD DRAW & MAKE COLLAGES WITH THIS, IT’S SO FUCKING COLORFUL” so hence, several new art series were born!!! A lot of them in this particular series are going to be little phrases or thoughts or ideas that I want to do doodles of.

So, a brief list of new art series I’ve been excited about working on lately:

  1. This series, with origami paper & little phrases or ideas + doodles
  2. A similar series almost exactly like this one, but focusing on mental health-related stuff & not all of it is origami paper, I think memes can be a form of art so including mental health memes & collages I’ve made (& I have a new Instagram account where you can find my mental health memes & art, @acmentalhealth!
  3. Another series of doodles, some on origami paper & some not, but queer/sexuality/romantic orientation/gender identity-themed. I’ve been nervous about making stuff about my sexuality etc as well as my mental health for a long time but now I’m comfortable sharing things like that so I am looking forward to it!
  4. A series of canvases involving mental health themes, like quotes on simple but cool backgrounds that I’ve painted, which I’m *fingers crossed* hoping to display somewhere IRL in the Tampa area this summer (so if you know any places that would like to do an exhibit of small, cheap (all under $50) original mental health canvases, lemme know on social media!
  5. COLLAGES IN GENERAL. I actually have several series of collages, some of which overlap with other categories here like mental health, but I fucking love collages, especially ones involving stickers.

I’m very excited about all these art things!! Also, gonna be working on a lot more doodle zines this year, because FUCK PERFECTIONISM, I just wanna make prolific projects~