Commission Info!

[IMAGE ID: An illustration of a Black femme person with Afro hair wearing a yellow sweatshirt with a few pink stripes, blue jeans, & pink boots with yellow soles leaning on a purple railing on a white background. She has gold hoop earrings & she has pink blush circles on her cheeks & end of her nose. Her arms crossed & her eyes are closed as she looks relaxed & reverent. Text reads: Commission Example: $17. END ID]

Thank you so much for being interested in commissioning me! Here you can find a list of all the important things you need to know before commissioning me. Please thoroughly read these terms & conditions before commissioning me.

If you have any questions, you can message me or tweet at me on Twitter at @Ashlee_Craft or Instagram at @ashleecraft.

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By commissioning me, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the Terms of Service. If you do not agree to all the information provided here, you will be denied service. The Terms of Service are subject to revision and change without notice.


FOR DRAWING COMMISSIONS: Reference images – whether drawings or photographs – are required for any commissioned drawing. Complex characters, backgrounds, poses, or concepts will cost extra.

You may cancel or change your order at any time before work has begun on your commission. If I have not started on your commission yet, you will receive a full refund. If the changes you’d like to make will cost more than the original quote, you must pay the difference before I will begin on your commission. If the changes you’d like to make will cost less than the original quote, I will refund you the difference before I begin on the commission. Once I have started working on your commission, no changes or additions can be made.

Turnaround time may vary, but will generally take less than two weeks. If I need more than two weeks to complete your piece, I will let you know.

I reserve the right to decline or cancel any commission for any reason.


As far as edits go, one small free edit is allowed within 10 days of receiving your finished commission. Any additional edits beyond that may incur additional editing fees depending on their complexity, & any additional editing fees will be charged at my own discretion. If the edits are so major that I must redo the entire commission, you risk having your commission cancelled or add fees. Should I forget to add a detail you included in the original information you sent & this is an error on my part, that edit will occur free of charge.


  • All commissioned work is copyright © to me, Ashlee Craft. I, the artist, retain full distribution & commercial rights on any image I produce. This means I am able to make prints, digital portfolios, etc.
  • The commissioner may use the commission image at any size as they please. The commissioner can use the piece for personal use, but may not be used for any commercial purposes (logos, selling their own prints, etc).
  • If you are interested in licensing the art for commercial use, you MUST reach out to me prior to me starting on your commission to discuss this, as pricing will be different for licensable pieces.
  • Commissioners do not have the right to mint/sell their commissions for NFT.
  • No profit is to be made off the image.
  • I am in no way or form claiming the character(s) drawn in my commissioned images.
  • Please do not edit the work unless given prior permission. Never remove my signature(s) from any piece under any circumstance.
  • You, the commissioner (or recipient if gifted), are required to give credit to me if you upload the art piece yourself, and to link back to one of my social media pages, my website, or Carrd page. If you refuse or fail to give credit, any and all of my artwork in your gallery will be reported as stolen and subsequently removed.
  • You may repost work you have commissioned from me if you have received written permission from me to do so, but you MUST credit me in the body of the post & tag one of my social media accounts, Carrd, or website as credit as well & send me a link to where you have posted it.
  • Please receive written permission from me if you would like to make any edits, alterations, or changes to the work you have commissioned me to do. You are not permitted to pay other artist to make changes, edits, or alterations to the work you have commissioned me to make. If I permit your desired edits & give you written permission the commissioned piece still must be credited to me in the body of the post & you must still link to one of one of my social media accounts, website, or Carrd.
  • I reserve the right to post any commission to my gallery & social media & display it as I see fit, & I also reserve the right to not post any commissions as I see fit as well. All commissioned art will be posted to my social media, as well as many other types of commissions. Commissions may be used as examples for future customers.
  • If you’d like me to delay posting a piece until after a birthday or whatnot, please let me know. I can also do private/anonymous commissions, so if you would not like your username linked to the piece, please let me know.


I respect your privacy & will never share personal information like your name, email address, etc. Your username will only be included anywhere I post the art, with your permission. If I do a private/anonymous commission, I will not post the work to social media or share it in my galleries & this information will only be shared with you.



  • OCs/NPCs
  • Real people (see exclusions below)
  • Furries
  • Animals
  • Robots
  • NSFW art/nudity/suggestive art (SEE THINGS I WILL NOT DRAW BELOW. I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason. You must be 18+ to request an NSFW piece. There may be additional fees for NSFW art depending on what you want commissioned. I may not post the work to my gallery or social media depending on the content, or may only post a censored version at my own discretion.)

I WILL NOT DRAW (including, but not limited to:)

  • Any hateful subject matter including but not limited to anything I deem homophobic/transphobic/racist/ableist/sexist/etc
  • Hardcore fetishes
  • Political art/political statements
  • NSFW art/nudity involving characters who are under 18 years of age
  • NSFW/nudity involving characters who are related
  • NSFW/nudity based off of or including real-life people

I reserve the right to refuse or cancel any commission for any reason, whether or not it is listed above. Questions about the content of specific commissions may be sent to any of my social media accounts.


  • You must pay in full before I will start on your commission. All prices are subjective and are generally not negotiable. Payment plans for pieces over $50 can be discussed ahead of time.
  • I only accept money via Paypal. Unfortunately I do not accept snail mail payment or e-checks. If you send me an e-check via Paypal, I will refund you and contact you as soon as possible to let you know!
  • I will pay any payment processing fees & these will not be added to the price of your order.
  • Commission payments will be done via Paypal invoices. Once I confirm your order details, I will send you a Paypal invoice and an email to confirm everything! Please do not send me your commission payment directly.
  • If you wish to tip me, please tip through my Ko-Fi/BuyMeACoffee, or follow this link to tip through Paypal!
  • You must pay me within one week of me confirming your commission, or else your order is at risk of being cancelled at my own discretion.
  • Once the commission is complete, you cannot get a refund. All commissions are sold as-is. If the art is partially completed, you will receive a partial refund at my own discretion.


Doodle Chibi:

  • Bust – $7 per character lineart only, $10 per character color, basic background free)
  • Half – $10 per character lineart only, $12 per character color, basic background free)
  • Full – $15 per character lineart only, $17 per character color, basic background free)
  • ADD + $5 to prices above for mechs & furries
  • + complex background + $15
  • + complex weapon or accessory including animal or pet + $7 per item

[IMAGE ID: An illustration of the top half of a white wolf furry character with pink cheek circles, a pink nose, fuschia hair, & blue inner ears. He wears a pink t-shirt with purple collar & sleeve tips with an rainbow & clouds on the front. He stands in front of green shubbery & distant blue mountains in front of a blue sky, looking happy. Text reads: Commission example: $32. END ID]

[IMAGE ID: An illustration of the top half of the body of a slightly grumpy looking purple mech. Behind them is a black space sky with illustrated stars. Text reads: Commission Example: $17. END ID]

(Credit for commission info page goes to GoeticCoquetries, whom I borrowed the text on my own page heavily from their page! They’re SUCH a skilled artist & you should support them at these links here!!!)