Renaissance Enby (I Do Many Things)

[IMAGE ID: A thin white masculine nonbinary person with short blonde hair & brown eyes looks off to the side of the camera. They are sitting outdoors in front of a wooden fence & wearing a white shirt with green dinosaurs on it, a black & white striped blazer, & a pink bow tie, which they are holding the edge of in their left hand. END ID]

Alrighty folx! Call me what you may – Renaissance Enby, Jack-of-All-Trades, Multihyphenate, Polymath……I do Many Things, & I am proud of all those things & all the experience I am that makes me who I am. And I think it would be really boring if I just picked ONE thing for myself personally, so I’m making this list mostly for my own enjoyment & also because I hope someone is interested in knowing different things I have done & can do & terms I might use to describe myself & what I do!


  1. Actor (general)
  2. Stage actor
  3. Voice actor
  4. Film actor
  5. Filmmaker
  6. Podcaster
  7. Video Editor
  8. Sound Editor
  9. Voice of End Credits


  1. Artist (general)
  2. Digital artist
  3. Fine artist
  4. Multimedia Artist
  5. Painter
  6. Doodler
  7. Illustrator
  8. Graphic Designer
  9. Logo Designer
  10. Crocheter


  1. Songwriter
  2. Singer
  3. Guitarist
  4. Rhythm Guitarist
  5. Lead Guitarist
  6. Bass Guitarist
  7. Pianist
  8. Harmonica Player
  9. Music Producer
  10. Sound Mixer
  11. Xylophonist


  1. Author/writer
  2. Poet
  3. Blog article writer
  4. Ghostwriter

★Out in the World★

  1. Retail Associate
  2. Cashier
  3. Bagger
  4. Meal Demonstration Clerk
  5. Grocery Clerk
  6. Grocery Replenishment Specialist
  7. Wildlife Caretaker (at a wildlife refuge)
  8. Animal Caretaker
  9. Office Cleaner (was paid to do so)
  10. Accountant Assistant (basic stuff but was paid to do so)
  11. Home Organizer (was paid to do so)
  12. Marketing Assistant