Reflections in the Green Triangle // Sample Chapter

Reflections in the Green Triangle by Ashlee Craft - Cover



I sat on the boardwalk
questioning the meaning of life while watching
clouds passing by & lamenting over the fact
that I was getting
in life

wandering around the
small circle that
my chain would allow me to walk
pacing thru the same footsteps
I’d already carved
from stone

a chain created by the strands
of dreams which I had left alone to die
in the sewers
at dusk
before the moon rose

but a spark remained within me
& I knew I had to
try again
because trying & wishing & hoping
was all I could do
I knew that I would
it happen

although at first glance it seemed
had forgotten me & left me stranded in the sea
that wasn’t true
& even if it was
I’d still be right where I was now
for even if destiny had forgotten
about my dreams –
I hadn’t

I sat on the boardwalk
thinking back on the beautiful day while watching
the sun setting & knowing deep in my heart
that I was exactly
where I was meant to be
in life



reflecting upon the silver bar sidewalks & the misty moonlit jaunt thru the breeze double rainbow like a pot of gold in the sky / illuminations / reflecting on windows of trucks & on the sunglasses of passerby / on the Sunday / in the rain

driving thru the puddles / rustling of tires against water sprinkling it upwards showing showering rainstorm reflections

looking in the foggy mirror & at everything mistaken & distorted by the silver / like a whole other world hidden behind glass / distorted in the golden gaze rectified in my precision & by my passion / rejuvenated & suddenly understanding who I was the entire time

down many mistaken roads I walked & many mistaken lies I spoke / many sights of sorrow & many things of beauty filled my vision / down many darkened alleyways filled with soot I trod & many days it just never dawned upon me that I what I’d yearned for & what I’d sought had been there all along / I just had never seen them

I thought what I’d been looking for was something that could be bought / so I looked & looked in all the windows to every store but I kept finding myself wanting more & more / I thought what I’d searched for was far away from me & that by leaving this place, I could be free / so I ran away so I wouldn’t be alone only to find that I’d always been home / I thought what I needed was the love in somebody’s heart & that by finding that love, I’d make a start / so I searched for the one I was looking to find only to see I’d been there the whole time / all that time, I was only too blind to see as I looked & searched & cried & yearned only to find that all along, I’d been exactly where I needed to be

it hadn’t been money or distance or love that I’d needed / I didn’t need to go anywhere or buy anything or find someone to love me / I just needed to see the beauty within me

& all the loneliness turned to friendship, all the dark into light, & suddenly I began seeing the world with my own eyes / my own eyes looking at my own destiny / my own life / now I was free

I had been deaf / to the reflections / of the music / rhythm beating beating beating beating onwards / onwards / into the next reflection
Two People

two lonely people
walking thru the blinds of life &
attempting to understand the meaning of it all
but missing each other
who they never even knew
just knew were out there somewhere

two lonely people
writing love letters in the sand & by the night wishing upon the stars & writing love letters which are never answered on walls everywhere they look
no reply
singing the praises to the flowers & planning the days spent together
yet having no one & remaining alone
passing by each other possibly everyday
but not knowing just how

one day walking
the right place
at the right
suddenly seeing each other across the meadow & running towards each other arms outstretched & their faces shining with the light of a million suns
destined meeting
between two hearts
two happy souls
two beautiful souls
who have found
each other


dancing / dancing / wonderful dancing & beautiful freedom soaring across the room in the chamber of wonderful lightness & beauty & filling each corner of the hallowed sacred profundity seeing music as movement seeing life as a song / seeing the soul as a dance

swirling twirling dancing leaping spinning jumping soaring into the air & freeing your mind as inhibitions melt away revealing the swan beneath
Thick With the Air of Beauty

the thick steam of beauty rising from the misty trees in the sacred space of the wonderful
afternoon in the after-rain sunset & double rainbows streaking across the romantic sky
longing for you longing to find you once again
& to tell you everything I never got a chance to say / & we will walk together

becoming the person I always wanted to be in the perfection of the moment
in profundity of life
in the beauty I see
in the stars twinkling in the night
in the dance of the day
in the gently flowing stream
in the breeze of changes
in the utter joy of love
in the music within me
I vow that
I will find you
once again
Maple Visions

visions of the maple piano white keys & black keys in the spring-wood laughing upon themselves / booming stereo system throughout the forest yet it remains the joy of the birds & the dancers springing to life atop each sacred meadow-flower / each dew covered clover, a lantern / deep rich inner forest scent watched over by abundant life & the sacred words of hope clasped preciously in your arms revealing themselves to be LIFE & HAPPINESS / pursue the golden visions within yourself


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