I Know it Takes a Lot – Down Past the Fountains

Album Track 4, Down Past the Fountains (2019)
Duration 4 minutes
Genre Folk
Personnel Songwriter: Ashlee Craft; Vocals: Ashlee Craft. All instruments played by Ashlee Craft.


When the trouble of the night
Comes to an end
And you’re left standing there
Wondering where to begin

You’re caught on the line between the losing & the winning
& the past is caught in the dream web spinning
& the dawn’s dusky remembrance fading away
I know it takes a lot
To find your way

I walked off down that road
With only my guitar on my back
I knew where I was heading
Never wanted to look back

I was going out to travel this whole world round
It was peace & love I was seeking
I knew where they could be found
Goin’ out to find my own path, find my own way
I know it takes a lot
To find your way

I came upon the crossroads
Didn’t know which way to turn
For it was freedom I needed
& for adventure I yearned

To my left was a road of diamonds with a golden roof
To my right was an old path overgrown with an honest truth
I picked that road less traveled, I will never sway
I know it takes a lot
To find your way