Spring // Sample Chapter

Spring (Four Seasons #3)


Snow Melting

the freezing brisk air of winter is leaving / on the frozen ground, see snow melting & creating waterfalls running down the stony ground, past newborn tulip buds & the blooming apple trees, flowers & leaves drifting along on this waterfall / captured by the current of the moment; flowing onwards down & down & all around thru the newborn days Spring / the last bits of winter leaving to water these new buds, these new hopes of life

baby animals are playing by this fresh brook of melted snow / water returning to the ground / a freezing cold river of memories / memories of this winter / wondering when it will become the next generation of snow in the next year, becoming a temporary part of these new flowers / smell the sweet scent of the daffodils rising up thru this cold soil / brushing off the stones & pushing thru the ground / finally making their way to the top & into the sunlight / & I watch them flourishing in the ground outside my window

white clumps of snow still remaining on the freezing ground / concealing the lost flower buds, planted in the fall, I hear their restless rustling beneath the soil / contemplating their growth / dreaming of the light / aren’t we all like this?

I hear the quiet hum of the water running / flowing onwards, just like life does / & blessing all that it touches with the hope for spring / the melting snow of winter being recycled into the water necessary for the flowers of spring to bloom / doing its part / melting snow washing over the ground & over our newly cleaned souls, over new memories & new life, new flowers just waiting beneath the soil for the right time to bloom / dreams waiting for the right time to bloom

Spring Flowers

seeing the beauty of the wildflowers scattered around the majestic open field, shining in the sunlight / waving in the fresh cool breeze, delightfully warm & refreshingly cool at the same time / swaying with the wind / swaying with the magic / beneath the outstretched arms of the ancient oak tree / sitting in the field while the brook of the melted snow runs quickly past, filling the air with its music

bluebells & geraniums & hyacinths & lily-of-the-valleys & marigolds & crocuses & gerberas & daffodils & tulips & apple blossoms & cherry blossoms & magnolias flash of butterfly wings & cornflowers & gardenias & orchids & camellias & poppies & pansies & jasmine & dogwoods & roses & zinnia & impatiens & lilacs & larkspurs

spring flowers dancing in the breeze / dancing to the sound of the wind in the oak’s leaves, dancing to the sound of the brook rushing by, dancing to the songs of the birds in the trees, dancing to the sound of the wind whistling through the tall meadow grasses / the sun so warm, yet the breeze so cool / completing the beautiful dance

then night gently falls / the breeze slows a little, gentle ripples across the water / the moon quietly rising & illuminating the field, drops of dew & the melting snow settling on the bent grasses, all reflecting the beads of moonlight, reflecting the white heavenly glow, looking like a thousand stars sprinkled upon the ground / the night falling gently, the soft supremacy of the silence & the sacred waters & sacred flowers / anticipating the sun’s warm rays the next day, cool night air, dancing by the moonlight when everyone is asleep / singing their own songs to keep themselves company in the sacred cover, sacred darkness of night / the moon slowly completing its circle & slowly sinking beneath the horizon, only to be replaced by the first golden beams of sunlight / the first sunlight to touch the ground in what seems like forever yet is only hours / flower petals unfurling at the warmth of the sun, spreading their leaves & petals out to receive the sun’s blessing / sacred sacred sacred morning / sun reflecting thru the leaves & soft light illuminating the petals, looking like the stained glass windows of the sacred silent nature church / the sun rising cheerfully, greeting the world with the fantastic glowing smile, rectifying the reason that the days circle round & time changes & the sun rises & the moon sets & the sun rises & the winter comes & the winter goes, & after such a long time, the flowers dancing in the twilight, the flowers dancing in the spring, soaring birds flying overhead, spring returning once again / & suddenly, we are reminded of the great reason, the great profound sacredness filling each breath of the fresh spring air I inhale, reminding myself of the magic of new life & second chances

Daffodils & Tulips

a sudden eruption of yellow pink red orange purple blue yellow yellow yellow bright happy colors suddenly blooming overnight / their gentle petals upturned to the sunlight, such a delightfully warm contrast against the barely thawed ground / leaves upturned to the light, reaching towards the heavens where their shout out their cries of praise / speaking not with mouths, but with color / color / the universal language / for it is thru the various colors of light & of life that we feel / that we dream

daffodils & tulips, opening their dewy petals in my sparse lawn / in their garden boxes & garden spaces & window boxes & soil & flower pots, I see newly born flowers everywhere I look / dotting this landscape with the enigmatic magic of springtime / sun rising overheard & the snow puddles evaporating / the flowers triumphing over the cold monochromatic winter & bringing their champion joy into the bright vibrant springtime / butterflies fluttering everywhere, like flying flowers of yellow & sky blue & orange, coloring the sky like the flowers cover the ground / coloring this great big world that we’re living in / & the trees, colored with their own blossoms, colored with their own hopes for the new life of spring

bright flowers sprouting up everywhere I look, illuminating the new horizons, the first horizons of hope, the horizon which we live in / hope triumphing over the dark of night / the flowers pushing thru the snowy soil & becoming one with our earth / basking in the light of today, celebrating the triumph of yesterday’s winter, & growing with hope for the future

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