Dancing in the Sunlight

Dancing in the Sunlight by Ashlee CraftI know that if I keep trying
it is certain that I will learn to fly
because nothing great was ever accomplished
until you learn to try

sometimes it might seem like there is no way for me
like no matter what I do, I’m doing it wrong
but I know that the darkest hour is right before dawn breaks
& I must keep moving on

I’m looking for the future yet rejoicing in the present
yesterday has passed; I mustn’t keep re-reading that tale
I’m not who I was yesterday, I have no regrets or resent
for onwards, always onwards, is where I always sail

tomorrow is my second chance
second chances come every day
I know that if I look towards the future
that I will find a way

but I will not ignore the present, for all gifts lie in the Now
the beauty I’d be missing if I looked ahead of behind
& in today, in this moment, I will find out how
myself, with every step I take, I will find

my time has come, my time has come to be great
I’m ready, I’m ready, I shout with conviction in my voice
to become the person I am, I will never wait
my life belongs to me, happiness is my choice

I now know to trust in myself & follow my heart
I can be whatever I want to do or be
right now – I will not wait – I will make my start
& then, only then can I consider myself free


Publish Date // December 5, 2012
Paperback 82 Pages
Genre // Poetry

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