Autumn // Sample Chapter


Fall is Here

cold wind blows so hard / like tumbleweeds thru the yard / golden leaves fall from trees / inside, safe & warm / from the blowing wind, fall storm

in the woods behind my house, whisper of the brook, take a look / hear the sound of hope abound in the warmth that spreads around / autumn leaves on the ground / crunch crunch crunch with each step I take on the chilly pavement

whistle of wind thru the sky / gray sky bright with wind & breezy haze of fall – fireplace smoke apple pie pumpkin seeds cinnamon ginger nutmeg allspice / smell the aroma of pumpkin pie / days getting colder as time goes by / scent of apple cider & on the stove, the pumpkin pie / I see leaves shudder in the wind with a sigh

I feel warmth / I feel love / warm yourself by the fire / home is where the heart is, where hopes & dreams aspire / I feel friendship, deep in my heart / fall is here, make a start

magical time of year when are loved ones are near / open your heart, spread the cheer / all join hands, fall is here

Apple Pie

I sit at the table with a slice of apple pie that my father made / yearly tradition for this time of year, a week before thanksgiving

as a little girl standing on tiptoe stilt trying to catch a glimpse onto the white marble mountain where my father was carefully cutting up apples / metal of knife slicing the apples, leaving a beautiful ring of peel on their outer edge / & then mixing flour & brown sugar & butter & vanilla up together with the boat buzzing motor mixer & pouring it into the metal tin pie pan / gently sculpting the pie crust into the shape of the pie dish with his knuckles / building the foundation of tradition

carefully layering the apples with their bracelet of color – red or green or yellow – facing towards the outer edge / sweet syrup of apple juice mixing in with the pie crust / finally the top layer, a blanket, covers the beautiful paleness & bursts of apple peel color / holes poked in top & edged smoothed down / heading into the warm oven warm oven like a cave

finally done & the smell of apple pie seeping into the whole house & filling our whole beings with fall spirit / smiling to ourselves as memories are brought back & warmth envelopes us / peace

the first slice of apple pie is cute & vanilla ice cream is placed on top where it slices off leaving vanilla trail behind on the hot pie / taking the first bite – like a blind person seeing for the first time / except this feeling happens ever year

sitting here enjoying my father’s apple pie / traditions are the foundations for memories & feelings / apple pie crust apple peel burst of color see for the first time traditions / peace

Carving Pumpkins

gently taking the carving knife & entwining inscribing engraving human emotions onto the front of the shining orange sphere / bumpy skin cold beneath my fingers, rough roof shining under florescent kitchen bulb I feel the plastic of the knife handle in my fingertips, deciding upon the fate of this work of art / feel the gentle crease of shell under my skin, valleys & ripples united on fall’s fruit

grown just for now, just for here & for me to carve it in my kitchen, the fate of sitting on a porch on Halloween night with a candle burning inside like a soul / purpose of pale seed fulfilled under the gold shining sky of a Wisconsin end of summer sun shines down / farmer leans over wiping sweat from his brow & removes the vine from the pumpkin / golden sun casting the shadow of ancient oaks over the orange valleys & mountains, tiny earth sphere held in his hands

I watch it be loaded into the dark truck, dark cave, waiting in the damp moistness of company & wondering where light will appear again / warmth of the sun’s gentle nurturing rays still held inside of us thru cold nights, spent at truck stops, waiting / tires on pavement thumping thumping thumping towards destiny

after two days of dark desolation of soul but warmth still gently fading from within, arriving at the shoebox front of a grocery store, slowly light seeps in thru the cracks & the sun replenishes its sun-soul

stacked on a shelf under bright cold florescence of supermarket / people buzz past, pushing it aside / inside florescent sky grows dark at night

gently putting it into the metal cage of shopping cart, rolling down conveyer belt & into the safe warm greenness of bag / lights flashing past as enter the warm darkness / secure secure secure / more bouncing, the roaring of a car engine / arriving

brought into the light on bright maple kitchen table where the eyes of the soul will be revealed / waiting / waiting / time comes for destiny

here I stand holding the artist’s chisel, waiting to reveal the sun-soul / here I stand waiting to reveal what has already been written

work is done & the pumpkin seems to smile as the miniature sun candle is placed in the heart of it / glow glow glow of the candle, smoke rings rising into the air gracefully, bright orange glow of the lighthearted soul, placed on the fireplace’s hearth / smiling to the sun inside / revealed


thanksgiving…everybody seated around the table smiling & holding hands as snows blows around outside & lands against the windows, tender flakes gently resting on my eyebrows before melting onto my skin / in my mind, the end of fall & the beginning of winter & all the joy it brings

delicious scent of family cooking & traditions & recipes laid out on the table before me / so many good things to eat it’s hard to make my mind up & I only can enjoy so much of it tonight / apple pie & green beans & sweet potatoes & squash & stuffing & everything else delicious

& the company of family & relatives, friends held close to your heart, forever bonding / as you sit around the table, more goes through your mind as you sit there enjoying the company of those closet to you / it’s about friendship & love & warmth, like being wrapped in a warm blanket somewhere perfect & knowing that you’re safe & no matter how cold the wind blows outside the window that you are loved you are loved you are loved

everyone sharing special memories & special thoughts & special recipes & most importantly, your hearts / sharing those things dearest to you / sharing the one thing that matters most, matters more than money or gifts or promises or anything else superficial, but about time / time is the definition of love / love & time, hands entwined

sitting around the table with generation after generation, making memories to last a lifetime

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