A Thousand Cranes, Volume 1

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 1 by Ashlee Crafta thousand cranes / a thousand cranes of paper flying in a giant rippling cloud high in the sky / setting out to find their own ways

She, the artistpoet, once took a thousand sheets of paper & placed them on the old oak table, & in the warm lighting of deep afternoon where tiny particles of dust caught the light like a thousand prisms sparkling in the air, folded a thousand paper cranes / taking her time to make each one perfect / putting her heart & soul & love into her work, making each sheet of paper come alive with every fold / & when the cranes were finished, she released them into the world & let them fly free / releasing them so they could do what they had to do

A Thousand Cranes – Vol. 1 is a collection of 100 poems to inspire you and brighten your life.


Publish Date // May 24, 2013
Paperback 162 Pages
Genre // Poetry

Kindle Edition
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