Strange Occurrences

Strange Occurrences by Ashlee Craft - CoverThere are people in the world that seem to have everything – a perfect life, a perfect family, and perfect friends. Cathy wasn’t one of those people.

Cathy’s life had rapidly gone down hill in a year. Her best friend moved away, never to contact her again, her mother and younger brother constantly argue, her younger sister gives her the cold shoulder, her grandmother is dying, and her father spends more time at work because of their home environment. Cathy’s sole confidant becomes her dog, and she falls into despair.

One night, the time comes for Cathy to say her last good byes to her grandmother. As Cathy is about to leave her grandmother’s room, she is summoned back over, where Cathy is told of her grandmother’s experiences with something she calls the “Strange Occurrences.”

When Cathy returns home that night and sets out to walk her dog, she is thrown into the past by the Strange Occurrences, forced to relieve old memories of her life and see things from other people’s points of view. Through the knowledge she learns on her journey of self discovery, will she be able to overcome the darkness in her life and change it for the better?

Publish Date // April 4, 2011
Paperback 170 Pages
Genre // Juvenile Fiction – Drama/Fantasy
Age Range // 12 – 15
Themes // Coming of Age, Friendship
Loneliness, Time Travel, Family

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