Radiant (Out of Print)

Radiant by Ashlee Craft - CoverThey’re all radiant 
Radiant like the sun 
Radiant like the moon that shines above the sea 
Radiant like the stars twinkling light-years away 
But I’m not one of them 
Maybe someday I will be 

Those words, those words from that poem written by some poet I could no longer remember the name of, those words make me feel better. Because when I hear words like that, I know I’m not alone. I know I’m not the only one that feels that way. I am ugly, and stupid, and fat. I don’t deserve to be liked, or cared about; I don’t deserve to matter. Everyone I know hates me, and they think that I am nothing. But they can’t hate me more than I hate myself. No one could hate me more than that. Despite the fact that the poem cheers me up, it also makes me feel confused and obligated, like I am supposed to feel radiant, and beautiful, and important, just like most other people around me feel. So, why do I like that poem if it cannot provide me with hope? Because it shows me that I am not alone, and for the time being, that is enough.

Publish Date // January 17, 2014
Paperback 300 Pages
Genre // YA Fiction – Drama
Themes // Bullying, Coming of Age,
Body Image, Depression, Self-Love & Acceptance

(Out of Print)