Weekend (In the Breeze) – Escape the Gray

Album Track 5, Escape the Gray (2019)
Duration 3 minutes
Genre Pop
Personnel Songwriter: Ashlee Craft; Vocals: Ashlee Craft. All instruments played by Ashlee Craft.


The difference between what I want I want to do & should be doing
Weekends, weekends spent, weekends playing
The aesthetic of the way the breeze felt as I walked around
in warm sunlight, with the music that I’d always heard
So sharply contrasting with the darkness way that things felt to me

Nowhere to be, no hurry, time passing without me caring
No rush, no pressure, I want to seek out a life where this
can be everyday, where vacation is almost the same
as living, in the flow
Frustrated by the difference between where I am & where I should be

The breeze & sunlight reminded me of when I was a child
I remembered lying under the umbrella on the deck
Recording my own radio show with a tape recorder
I felt like I should be wearing an elaborate fancy skirt & forgetting
The impending return to the sewers

It was illusion, the way they told me being grown-up had to hurt,
They told me happiness was all a scam,
All around me I saw adults falling, into the depths of the rat race
They’d created, thought it was the way it had to be
But they were just trying to sell escapes to you & they were jealous of your dreams

The sign on the wall read happiness was a journey, happiness is
an adventure, I thought about how the magic had been missing
for quite some time, I needed to carve out a safe space for it to live
& make sure I cherished it & welcomed it
Whatever it took, I need more magic again