First drawing in a new art series on sexuality that I’ve just started working on, now that I’m *finally* becoming a lot more comfortable with myself in a LOT of ways, including sexuality & realizing it’s not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed by, because growing up, I wasn’t shamed for it so much, but I was for a long time super awkward about it.

My parents saw sexuality for a long time, until not too long ago, as being something embarrassing, & me, being obsessed with being “the good child”, came to see it as embarrassing as well. I’ve wanted to start an art series like this for a while, & becoming comfortable with my gender has really helped my comfort level in so many ways.

I’ve been a lot more comfortable accepting that I’m bisexual AF & acknowledging at least to myself folks that I find attractive, & that I frequently experience sexual attraction but only in certain circumstances experience what *might* be romantic attraction but is strong regardless & that there’s nothing wrong with this, & that even though I’ve never been in a relationship I still consider myself to be polyamorous, & I’m working on not being embarrassed so much by any of this anymore ♥