Soft Art of Jared & Darius From Jar of Rebuke

[IMAGE ID: A soft, slightly hazy pastel & colored pencil drawing of Jared & Darius sitting in the center of a green couch together. Darius is on the right & Jared is on the left. Their heads are touching & they are looking towards each other. Darius has his arm around Jared's shoulders & they are holding hands. Jared's other hand is resting in his own lap, & both Darius & Jared's legs are pulled up on the couch. Jared is shown as a Black person with medium-short curly hair, & Jared is shown as a white person with slightly shaggy brown hair. Both characters are wearing red hoodies, black pants, & white socks. Both are also blushing. Grove, the Hellhound which resembles something like a black lab, is standing in front of the couch with his head resting on the couch between Jared & Darius. The green couch is in front of a dark green wall with a painting of trees & a painting of Grove. On the right, there is a yellow lamp shedding light into the room. It sits on top of a wooden end table where a red mug also sits. On the right, there is another end table with a green mug on it. END ID]

I drew this SUPER SOFT art of Jared & Darius from Jar of Rebuke for Casper for their birthday, BUT I couldn’t post it before the episode came out bc I didn’t wanna spoil anything!!

Anyways, Jared & Darius are SUPER ADORABLE together & I feel like a quiet night in, just cuddling & chatting on the couch while Grove occasionally asks for attention, is exactly the kind of time they would enjoy spending together <3

Made with pastels & colored pencils! 🙂

Obsessed with the Aesthetics of Everything

I Am Obsessed with the Aesthetics of Everything

From Issue 12 of Assemblage.

The way the art looked on the wall when it was winter & pale afternoon sunlight streamed in. The affected manner in which he always spoke. The Zig-zags painted on his face & constantly evolving persona. The way she looked as she stepped off the bus & music was playing. The way fields looked in the summer, or the porch that night we watched the stars & looked forward towards impending change & impending maturity. The way she strolled through the store with red dyed hair & combat boots like nothing could touch her, not even Fear. The feeling I got when I was finally able to say it was truth. The way light streamed in through windows onto the floor making patterns & the way it felt driving down the highway with the windows open listening to The Rolling Stones. The characteristic fedora, the iconic red braids & the flying bicycle, & watching that movie where he modernized Shakespeare. The way it needed to be put in that exact place in that exact time; replicating movie scenes listening to their theme songs in tandem, or the way the moon looked at night riding around with the windows open listening to particular songs. The way the pictures characterized the exact way that I was feeling, & the way that dancing in the moonlight felt on a summer evening, or how they fell in love & lived in the forest together.