THIS MONTH’S MEDIA: October 2022

What I watched, listened to, read, & played in October 2022!

The main thing my brain hyperfocused on this month was reptiles & amphibians, as evidenced by the sheer amount of herptile-related content on this month’s list! My brain wanted to think about & learn about little else, & as far as podcasts only was really interested for some reason in non-fiction, so I also enjoyed a lot of episodes of Noble Blood.


  1. Clint’s Reptiles: Sandfish Skinks, Kenyan Sand Boas, Gargoyle Geckos, Pixie Frogs, Milk Snakes, Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula, Blue Tongue Skink, Pictus Gecko, Green Tree Skink, Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula, Jackson’s Chameleon, Box Turtles, Ball Python, Mourning Gecko, Garter Snake, Flying Gecko, Chameleon Gecko, Knob-Tailed Gecko, Peters Banded Skink, 5 More of the Best Pet Snakes You Can Possibly Own, Blue Death Feigning Beetle, Neon Day Gecko, Amazon Milk Frog, Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, African Fat-Tailed Gecko, Russian Tortoise, Solomon Island Skink, Mud/Musk/Stinkpot Turtles, Starry Night Reed Frog, Jumping Spiders, Corn Snake, Gidgee Skink
  2. Snake Discovery: How to Care for Jumping Spiders
  3. The Turtle Girl: Common Turtle Care Mistakes & How to Avoid Them, Musk Turtle Care Guide, New Nelson’s Milksnake

Total: 36 Episodes


Total: 0 Books


  1. Eraserhead
  2. The Bob’s Burgers Movie
  3. Coming to America
  4. Little Shop of Horrors

Total: 4 Movies & Documentaries


  1. The Magnus Archives: Ep. 60
  2. Noble Blood: The Red Paint on Leopold II, The Távora Executions, How Tycho Brahe Saw the Stars, Grand Princess Olga of Kiev Takes Her Revenge, The Blood Sacrifice of the Tang Emperor, What Crown Prince Wilhelm Left Behind, The Beggar Princess of Bristol; Charles the Beloved, the Mad, the Fool; King George Washington I; Piers Gaveston, the King’s Favorite; The Devil & the Duchess de Praslin, Juana La Loca, All Germany Talking of It
  3. Storical Podcast: Charles Dickens: A Dickens of a Tale
  4. Unobscured: S1: Floundering, Making Amends, S1 Interview 1: Emerson Baker

Total: 19 Podcast Episodes


  1. Mushroom Music by Louie Zong*
  3. Can’t Buy a Thrill by Steely Dan*
  4. Can’t Buy a Thrill by Steely Dan*
  5. I, Robot by The Alan Parsons Project*
  6. SELF-ish by Will Wood & the Tapeworms*
  7. Can’t Buy a Thrill by Steely Dan*
  8. AAAH!BBA by Brian David Gilbert*

Total: 8 Albums


Total: 0 Games


Total: 0 Bands

*Things marked with the asterisk mean it’s something I’ve read/watched/listened to before, everything else is new to me!