THIS MONTH’S MEDIA: November 2022

What I watched, listened to, read, & played in November 2022!

November was an amazing month in a lot of ways & a traumatic month in other ways (but I’m okay now!). Due to the latter part of that, I think I spent a lot of time just listening to my playlists on shuffle instead of listening to podcasts or albums (I honestly don’t remember lol) so I ended up listening to much less of either of those things than usual. I did however end up watching more episodes of shows than I usually do, & enjoyed many shows about science & animals!

I also discovered my love for the Oceans trilogy of heist films & ended up watching all the films in the series this month (upon which I realized I’d actually seen the second one before, with no context from the first film so it didn’t make much sense like a decade ago when I watched it). I also played some board games for once, & rediscovered my love for Tetris-type games by playing Pentix Nova after the traumatic event because I’ve heard Tetris helps your brain process stressful things better.


  1. Absurd Planet: Strangest Things
  2. Clint’s Reptiles: Bearded Dragon, Giant Day Gecko, Fire-Bellied Toad, Fire Skink, Crocodile Skink, Jeweled Lacerta, Oscillated Skink, Mossy Leaf-Tailed Gecko
  3. Dreamworks Spooky Stories: Scared Shrekless
  4. Dan the Turtle Man: How to Care for a Baby Turtle (Most Species!)
  5. Molang: S1 E8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
  6. Our Flag Means Death: S1 Ep. 6
  7. SciShow: Bumblebees Play … And it’s Adorable, Why Don’t Jellyfish Look Like That?
  8. Tarantula Collective: Best Care for Aphonopelma Chalcodes – Arizona Blonde
  9. The Turtle Girl: Best Beginner Turtles  – Which Turtle is Best for Me?

Total: 22 Episodes


  1. The Sign of the Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (audiobook narrated by Stephen Fry)

Total: 1 Books


  1. Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed*
  2. Oceans 11
  3. Oceans 12*
  4. May I Enter Please (short film by Alan Resnick)*
  5. Oceans 13

Total: 5 Movies & Documentaries


  1. Noble Blood: Queen Njinga’s Cleverness, The Three Husbands of Lucrezia Borgia, The People’s Princess (with Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall), From Poland with Love, The First and Last Emperor of America
  2. Rusty Fears: Rusty Fears 5 – Casting Line, Rusty Fears 4 – The Budding

Total: 7 Podcast Episodes


  1. I Want to Feel Chaotic by Bears in Trees*
  2. I Want to Feel Chaotic by Bears in Trees*
  3. Can’t Buy a Thrill by Steely Dan*

Total: 3 Albums


  1. Pentix Nova
  2. Candyland: Unicorn Edition
  3. Kerplunk*
  4. Jenga*

Total: 4 Games


Total: 0 Bands

*Things marked with the asterisk mean it’s something I’ve read/watched/listened to before, everything else is new to me!