“stability” – The Ashlee Craft Show – Episode 062 – Poetry

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stability //

he told me stability
was like gold: the most important
thing one could own,
like love:
the most important thing one could know

she asked me the other day
if I was still on the path
to leadership there
& I lied & said yes

I briefly wished that I was,
to still be on a clear-cut pathway
with clear-cut milestones
& a clear-cut plan for getting there
where I could know & depend upon
security & stability
& of always knowing what was next
what to expect
I know this isn’t what I really want:
it is me being afraid of where I am now
& of the necessity of waiting until
the next step I need to take becomes clear
I hate waiting
& not knowing what I should do
uncertainty is yet to be a friend of mine

but remember: the stability
is all a lie the prices all drop
& the people you trust might
let you down if it’s in their better interest

besides, who wants to be a slave
of their robot society
when you can be free
in the open world?

THE CLEAR COOL STARS WERE RADIANT – The Ashlee Craft Show – Episode 040 – Poetry

I read a poem from “A Ship Onto a Sea of Hope” in Episode 040, titled “THE CLEAR COOL STARS WERE RADIANT”.




I stepped off into the clear cool stars
walking on them. They called out to
me. They felt the same way it does
stepping off barefoot into dewy grass
at 1 AM. The decisions you make are the
rope leading you either to the edge of
the bridge or the safe green pastures. They are
what compels you.

She looked at me with sea-green
eyes. I saw aqua & turquoise rain
clouds flourishing in the distance.
They whispered to me by the tide-pool
room rock ledges &
familiar evocative songs on the
radio. “You are going to be

A Ship Onto a Sea of Hope – NEW RELEASE

A Ship Onto a Sea of Hope by Ashlee CraftFrom the book –

opening lines

I took the leap & the Universe followed.
I made a decision & the Universe rose up to meet me.

The bold steps I took? Spending money to get my music out there,
to start selling the things I knew I should be selling,
the bold moves in which the Universe saw
that I was exactly what I needed
& my actions proved I was ready
for greater, better things to be bestowed upon me

the bold move towards the things I’d always wanted to have?
I asked him for the keys, tentative for fear of revoking
but he willingly handed me them without argument,
& even when it seemed as though nothing would work out with it,
& I was faced with the option of losing half –
love came through & I found the love was multiplied

I took the bright step, the bold leap towards the kind of
person I always wanted to be; I showed up, & that stood for
something – & when I reached my hand out to touch the largest
beam of sunlight, it did not burn me like I feared it would,
but rather, warmed me deeply from the inside out,

exactly what I needed

A Ship Onto a Sea of Hope contains 57 poems by Ashlee Craft.

Publish Date :: December 12, 2017
Paperback 90 Pages
Genre :: Poetry