“paper packaging” – The Ashlee Craft Show – Episode 057 – Poetry

In Episode 057 of The Ashlee Craft Show, I read a poem called “paper packaging”, which is from my poetry book “So Long, Lonesome Place”! I hope you enjoy it!

SO LONG, LONESOME PLACE Poetry Book :: https://amzn.to/2zZDd2s


paper packaging paper packaging, remember the paper packaging / & the way you used to write your name on every wall you passed because it hurt / old & torn up pickup trucks; or the nice ones – you used to be so obsessed with emulating your Golden Idol & doing everything that would make him impressed by you – the perfect Lady – but in the process you neglected the vacations & travel & brightly colored hair & fashion that appealed to you & the art on your skin & all those flamboyant songs you turned up loud, & all the dreams you were afraid of pursuing for fear he would think you were too large & expansive for him, or not feminine enough, or somehow less worthy than the one he already knew / you were willing to give up so many pieces of yourself in exchange for someone who never even knew what sunlight could look like on my fingertips


now you paved your own road with gold, & you looked past the false idols you were aspiring to impress & finally there you saw what you were looking for inside the smell of your own hair