“In the City Briefly” – The Ashlee Craft Show – Episode 061 – Poetry

In Episode 061, I read a poem called “In the City Briefly” from my book “Sun in the Night: The Poems of Art Poems & Assemblage”. Enjoy!

SUN IN THE NIGHT :: https://amzn.to/2L7xs3g

// In the City Briefly

living in a sandbox filled with crumbs & onion skins & mean old ladies & people who don’t know which way the hands of clocks turn around / enveloped in shrouds of sea waves & shower water flowing down an endless abyss drain universe repeating in her singing voice the existence of stars / calling our across multitudes if universes the beautiful impossibility of it all & yet it still happened anyways / there is a Styrofoam cup embossed in gold containing the most expensive green tea in the world / I laugh at this beautiful dichotomy & then throw a flower into the roaring ocean smiling as sand encloses a rose & preserves it buried underwater for hundreds of years before being discovered in perfect aliveness in the future / I stood unknown to all those who saw me & refused to shake the hands of those who’d lied to me but genuinely wished them the best / stars fell over Chicago & landed below the mother who picked them up wrapped them in her hands & knew / I walked past her & handed her the gold embossed Styrofoam cup & told her “here is good luck. use it wisely.”