THIS MONTH’S MEDIA: September 2022

What I watched, listened to, read, & played in September 2022!

In September, I still was super into Noble Blood (& still am, it’s so good!) & was very interested in learning things which compelled me to listen to a lot of different podcasts. I also finally read a book for the first time in a while (while still slogging away at a few other various books!) & made more of an effort to watch movies & TV shows, which I think improved my life this month lol.


  1. Brian David Gilbert Unraveled: Every Sonic Game is Blasphemous
  2. The Carol Burnett Show: Episode 1001
  3. The Crystal Cube: Pilot Episode
  4. Jeeves & Wooster: S2: E3, E4
  5. Luxury Comedy: S1 E1
  6. Molang: The Camel, The Coconut, The Suitcase, The Christmas Tree
  7. Perry Mason: The Case of the Fugitive Fraulein
  8. Puppet History: Surviving The Titanic: History’s Luckiest Woman
  9. Tasty 101: S1 Ep. 1, 2
  10. Tool Review Zone: How to Stain Wood Like a PRO! Pine wood staining tips & tricks

Total: 15 Episodes


  1. A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle* (read by Stephen Fry)

Total: 1 Books


  1. I Didn’t Know I Was Dead (short film by Alan Resnick & Negativland)
  2. Top Gun: Maverick
  3. The Update (short film by Chris Fleming)
  4. The Darjeeling Limited
  5. Whimsical Illusions (1909)
  6. Shrek the Third

Total: 6 Movies & Documentaries


  1. Aaron Menke’s Cabinet of Curiosities: Duke of Hazzard, Dream Job, Drunk History
  2. Across the Veil – The VVitch: Discussion
  3. Frog of the Week: Paradoxical Frog, Wallace’s Flying Frog, Eastern Banjo Frog, Pinocchio Frog, Goliath Frog
  4. Hello From the Hallowoods: Episode 91
  5. Macabre London: Cholera & Courage, Spells, Sorcery & a Whole Lot of Deception – Part 1
  6. The Magnus Archives: Ep. 58, 59
  7. Noble Blood: Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced II, Beheaded II, Survived, The Crown Prince & His Lover Dead, The Blood Queen of Madagascar, ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: The Tilly Cult, Queen Caroline Matilda’s Personal Doctor
  8. Stuff You Missed in History Class by How Stuff Works: How the Great Train Robbery Worked, Did the Ancient Greeks get their ideas from the Africans, How King Arthur worked, Did the Great Chicago Fire really start with Mrs. O’Leary’s cow?, What happened to the two other men on Paul Revere’s ride?
  9. Unobscured: S1: King & Queen, Fight or Flight, Pen & Paper

Total: 32 Podcast Episodes


  1. Can’t Buy a Thrill by Steely Dan*
  2. Songs with Videos Without Videos by Brian David Gilbert*
  3. SELF-iSH by Will Wood and the Tapeworms
  4. A Wizard/A True Star by Todd Rundgren*

Total: 4 Albums


Total: 0 Games


Total: 0 Bands

*Things marked with the asterisk mean it’s something I’ve read/watched/listened to before, everything else is new to me!