Eject the Autopilot by Stephen Lynch & Khaled Nassra Book Review

First of all, I am very excited because this is the first time that I have had the opportunity to design a book cover for someone other than myself. That in itself was a lot of fun & I’m very pleased with how it came out! I’ve known Stephen for a while now, & actually interviewed him here last year.

Here are a few things I particularly liked about Eject the Autopilot:


At only 108 pages, it’s short & snappy. It doesn’t take long to read, but it covers a variety of topics relating to the primary concept without being redundant nor brushing over a topic too vaguely.


The main theme of the book is about “waking up” from living life on autopilot. Autopilot is defined as living your life on other peoples’ terms, going along with the crowd, doing things the way they’re done just because that’s the way they’re done, & just generally living a life that doesn’t excite you & that doesn’t really feel like it’s yours or feel particularly alive. It then goes into chapters containing practical steps & actions you can take to actually make those things happen for yourself & improve your life.


I like the book’s emphasis on “being the CEO of your life” & that you need to be the one who runs the business of your life, down to the small details, & decides what should be there & what shouldn’t, & which direction you actually want to go instead of just living life by default. I agree that life should be taken seriously like your business & that people should take responsibility for it like the VERY IMPORTANT thing that it is.


I love Eject the Autopilot’s emphasis on taking personal responsibility for your life & being the hero of your own story. Instead of blaming other people or making excuses for your results, it feels a lot better to be a big player in your life & the one who’s driving the vehicle, as opposed to being a passive passenger on the train, & the book offers good advice & actions you can take to achieve this.


I really liked the book’s emphasis on individuality & uniqueness. A lot of it centers on how you can be more uniquely you, as truly being yourself is one of the best ways to switch off the autopilot controls & begin to create a life for yourself that you’re actually proud of. While some personal development books want you to be a certain type of person, this one encourages you to figure out who you want to be & really own it.
Eject the Autopilot is the sort of book that inspires you to take action once you’ve finished it. It’s a book that helps you connect the dots in your own life with the things you’re learning from reading it, & from that, having revelations about actions, even small ones, that you can take right now to wake up from your autopilot, whatever that is, & create a life for yourself where you are the hero of your own adventure.

You can get the book on Amazon here.