What I watched, listened to, read, & played in August 2022!

In August, my ability to concentrate was worse than normal, so even while commuting to work I had trouble focusing on podcasts & therefore didn’t listen to many, aside from the two shows my brain decided to hyperfixate on haha. Mostly I just listened to music on shuffle or albums I’ve already heard when I wanted to listen to something.

When my brain decides it’s interested in something, that’s all it cares about listening to, hence the large number of Sawbones & Noble Blood episodes on this list. I must note that my hyperfixation on the Jeeves & Wooster show is in full swing, so I didn’t watch any movies but did watch quite a few episodes of that show because it was the only thing my brain wanted to watch tbh.


  1. Dead End: Paranormal Park S1 E1
  2. Good Omens: S1. Ep. 3
  3. History of Swear Words: S1 E1
  4. Jeeves & Wooster: S1: E3, E4, E5; S2: E1, E2
  5. Steve McDonald Arts & Crafts: Do You Want to Improve Your Resin Jewelry – A Helpful Guide, An Experiment to See if You Can Use Stencils With Resin

Total: 10 Episodes


Total: 0 Books


  1. Canvas (short film by Frank E. Abney III)
  2. CPR Breath (short film by Alan Resnick)
  3. Visitor Information (short film by Alan Resnick)
  4. May I Please Enter? (short film by Alan Resnick)

Total: 4 Movies & Documentaries


  1. The Magnus Archives: Ep. 57
  2. Noble Blood: The Butler in the Bedroom with a Sabre*, The Marquise & Her Poisons, Let Him Be Hanged There for a Lamb, The Wedding Ended in Blood, The Ice Queen, The Neck & the Necklace, The Swan King Went Mad, Today We Leave for Mexico, Catherine the Great & Her Husband the Mediocre, The Ghosts that Haunted the Female Emperor, The Witch-Hunter King 
  3. Ologies with Alie Ward: Herpetology (SNAKES, FROGS, ETC.) with David Steen
  4. Sawbones: Episodes: Our Birth Story, Insomnia, Color Therapy, Acne, Cataracts

Total: 18 Podcast Episodes


  1. Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys*
  2. Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys*
  3. Can’t Buy a Thrill by Steely Dan*
  4. Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys*
  5. Can’t Buy a Thrill by Steely Dan*
  6. Cartoon Funk by Louie Zong*
  7. Abandoned Luncheonette by Daryl Hall & John Oates*
  8. Cartoon Funk by Louie Zong*

Total: 8 Albums


Total: 0 Games


Total: 0 Bands

*Things marked with the asterisk mean it’s something I’ve read/watched/listened to before, everything else is new to me!