Padli Pradana  Hey! I know it’s been MONTHS (specifically, like four months LOL) since I’ve published a post here. But I have got a KEWL announcement to make about the direction I’m hopefully going to follow through with here!

So with this blog, long story short, I’m trying to make it more fun again! I got trapped for a while in an obsession with being a flashy entrepreneur & then I got trapped in another phase where I was obsessed with being a smooth-talking personal development guru tbh (now I’m like WTF about that, but at the time it was important to me!). I wanted to only publish polished articles filled with advice & shit that other folks could find useful so I could be a “success” & follow in the footsteps of people I happened to idolize at the time.

At least for now…not really into those things & the disillusion of them anymore! I feel like if I were to continue going down that path & trying to be all smooth & professional & monetizable & milquetoast & polished & calculated & (*cough* *cough* boring) would make me feel ridiculously fake & it’s totally not who I am anymore, so I am stopping that…

In exchange for trying to pretend to be something I’m not, I’m going to bring back “when blogging was fun”. I miss the ‘good old days’ when I was a teenager & blogged on Tumblr & other blogs & shared my art & shared things I liked & just had FUN with blogging, ya know??? Also like filling out questionnaires, & the type of thing I enjoy doing currently on Instagram & Facebook.

I just wanna be an artist & an actor & a writer (& anything else creative that sparks my fancy) & share weird & wonderful & queer stuff with the world.

So yeah. This blog is changing BIG TIME so get ready for it to be fun again. I wanna capture that feeling of being a teen & having a blog, just with my mental health being better than when I was actually a teen.

It’s gonna be a BLAST.