Here’s my accountability post for Week 3! I made some big strides towards increasing my income & creating additional opportunities for myself.

  1. Made 13 slideshows to be used in my first Udemy course, which will be based on my 101 Ways to Love Yourself book.
  2. Wrote & published 2 blog posts.
  3. Sent out an email newsletter to my followers.
  4. Published 3 YouTube videos, including Episode 031 of my weekly show.
  5. Researched blog monetization strategies.
  6. Had 45-minute meeting with my business-owner uncle regarding internet marketing & freelance strategies.
  7. Submitted the paperwork to change the name of my company from Freedom Meadow Media, LLC to Ashlee Craft, LLC in order to make it more flexible to be used for my online store. This needed to happen for a long time as I have recently switched my focus away from my media company & more towards my ecommerce & other business pursuits. The media company will still exist as a subsidiary, it just won’t be the parent company. Now that I’ve done made this change, I will be able to start buying wholesale from a variety of vendors & build new products!
  8. Signed up to be a Groupon merchant! I just need to enter some more company info, which I couldn’t do until I updated my company name.
  9. Researched how to make money on Medium.
  10. Researched how to become a Huffington Post contributor (until I heard they aren’t accepting new contributors anymore).
  11. Made 2 new designs to put on t-shirts, posters, etc & sell in my online store.
  12. Defined my niche (“DIVERSIFICATION”).
  13. Gathered images for my next book, which will be called “50 Adorable Moose Facts”.
  14. Realized I already HAD installed Google Analytics on my website.
  15. Networked with 1 new person.
  16. Did various promotional things for my blog posts, products, & videos.
  17. Took photos of my newest custom jean jacket so I can post it online for sale ASAP.
  18. Bought a pedometer. It was poorly designed & kept accidentally getting reset, so my mom is testing a different pedometer to see if it’s a good one for me to get.
  19. Finished reading “Crush It!” by Gary Vaynerchuck & Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive for Kids book. Started reading “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport & “Super Immunity” by Joel Fuhrman.
  20. Did better on exercise goals. Started running up & down the stairs in my house for a few minutes a day several days during this week. Ate more vegetables (& drank V8 juice) but still lagging behind in the veggie department. Overall, ate less sugar.