New Book // Document Your Life : A Journal

Document Your Life : A Journal by Ashlee Craft

The Rules? There are no rules. None here. The concept? Write down five things every day that happened to you or that you thought or decided or felt. You don’t have to write five things if you don’t want to. Write one thing. Write outside the lines & write twenty things. Tape pieces of paper inside & write a whole novel about a day. Scribble on the pages & color outside the lines. Keep track of the awesome adventure that is your life, as it unfolds, with all of its confusing beauty & evocative nuances & small lovable moments. Look back on your past & research what you did today a year ago & write about that. Start where you are in the year or start over. Backtrack, go forward. Start where you are. Your story is important & your unique & awesome adventure is unfolding exactly as it should.

Publish Date // September 8, 2015
Paperback 180 Pages
Genre //
Non-Fiction – Journals