Would I Rather Be at Home or Be Traveling?

Would I Rather Be at Home or Be Traveling

In light of my recent vacation to Denver, Colorado (WHICH I AM GOING TO POST AN EPIC ARTICLE ABOUT IN THE NEAR FUTURE) I’ve considered this question.

Would I rather be at home, or would I rather be traveling?

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On one hand, traveling is totally AMAZING. You have the opportunity to see & so fantastic things & have wonderful, life-enriching experiences. You get to see & do things most of the people you know have never done or seen. You have a whole smorgasbord of new experiences & places & foods & people & environments at your fingertips.

But traveling can also be exhausting. Airport layovers. Connecting flights. CANCELLED FLIGHTS. Just the overall crazy busy action of cramming days’ worth of activities into a single day & trying to “get your money’s worth” & optimize every minute of your (short) vacation so you can see & do as much as you can in the time you have. Before you have to go back home.

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But HOME is also amazing. You have your comfortable familiar bed. Your beloved family & pets. Your cozy routine of drinking tea in the morning & going shopping & working on your art. You have the rooms you decorated with incredible care to make their vibes perfect, & the sweet pets you raised from babies, & the time to go about your day at your own pace. Everything is familiar & certain & comfortable. It’s easy being at home.

But home can also be bland & monotonous. It’s the same environment you’re always in. Most of the experiences you’ll have today at home are the same ones you had yesterday. It’s easy to fall into the trap of familiarity & allow every day to be basically the same.

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But traveling feels so good. It feels good to escape your comfort zone & throw yourself into an environment which is surprising & novel & filled with adventures to be had. The confidence & joy you gain from traveling is unmatched by almost anything at home.


But coming home feels so good too. It feels good to be safe, to be nurtured, to have a cozy den to retreat to. A place to support you as you become bigger & better versions of yourself. The comfort & joy you gain from being at home is unmatched by almost anything while traveling.

So this is my answer:

I love both. I love traveling just as much as I love being at home.

Both fulfill different needs of mine. Both are excellent in their own turns.

Travel informs home of fresh ideas & concepts & memories & experiences. That makes home more interesting. And home informs travel of a common thread of familiarity that runs through any destination, where you start to feel like you can make yourself at home anywhere.

And if you didn’t have home, travel would be overwhelming. And if you didn’t have travel, it wouldn’t feel so darn good to have a home to return to.

Both need each other, & you need both.

Together, travel & home are opposites that join together to make one well-rounded, exceptional life.