Tenderness on Main is a collection of 43 poems about deep, tender love in all its forms: love between two people, love between the Universe & a person, & love between a person & themselves.

out of the gloom, first //

it was all very tender, the way you
took such great care to unearth the most colorful flower you could find
from the bottom of the pile at the garbage dump &
hold it out to me saying,
“treasures are found everywhere” & I said
“I know, I always find them too” & you
smiled at me & I knew what you meant &
it wasn’t in a garbage dump that we found each other but
neither of us were on top of the world either but
inch by inch we pulled ourselves from the bottom of the pile &
declared that we were worthy & ready &
I reached out my hand to you & you wrapped your fingers in mine &
we carried the flower out of the dump between us &
it always lasted in full-bloom

Publication Date: August 1, 2019
Genre: Poetry



NEW POETRY BOOK: Between the Crevice & the Meadow

Dedicated to the beautiful, painful, crazy, dark, light, pitiful, glorious, desolate, depressing, frustrating, hope-filled, stunning, confusing, joyful, lovely, uncomfortable, & radiant space between where you are were & where you want to be, & for those who are facing towards their own meadows & not towards their prior crevices. Keep heading towards the meadow.

Between the Crevice & the Meadow is a collection of 136 poems about triumph, mental health, depression, hope, & finally beginning to heal & step into the amazing future that’s available to you.

PUBLICATION DATE: October 30, 2018
GENRE: Poetry

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We Love You, Little Owl // New Children’s Book

We Love You, Little Owl by Ashlee CraftLittle Owl is having trouble going to sleep because he is scared and lonely. To make him feel better, all his nature friends around him tell him how he is loved.

Publish Date // March 26, 2016
Paperback 36 Pages
Genre // Juvenile Fiction – Bedtime Stories
Age Range // 1 – 8 Years
Themes // Owls, friendship, love

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So Long, Lonesome Place – New Poetry Book Available!

So Long, Lonesome by Ashlee Craft Book CoverSo Long, Lonesome Place is a collection of 63 poems about leaving behind that which does not serve you, & the search for the place that you’ve been seeking.


it seems radical to me, all of this / & I’m so afraid I won’t be able to handle it (was any of it real anyways?) / but I do have to keep in mind, in all my moments of doubt & self-questioning, is how many countless others before me have done the same thing that I am doing now, & succeeded in doing so / how many others before me went off & forged their own pathways rather than following in the footsteps others had carved out before them & blindly listening to the instructions mumbled to them in poor faith / how many of them not only survived the falling out, but thrived because of it?

Publish Date // October 2, 2016
Paperback 110 Pages
Genre // Poetry

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Owls (Wonderful Wildlife, #7) is Now Available!

Owls (Wonderful Wildlife, #7) by Ashlee CraftOwls are one of the most recognizable types of birds. They have brown feathers, large eyes, sharp beaks, talons (claws on their feet), and are known for making “hoot, hoot” sounds. Most owls are nocturnal, meaning that they are awake at night and asleep during the day, but some species of owls are awake during the day. In many cultures, owls symbolize learning and wisdom. August 4th is celebrated as Owl Appreciation Day. Learn all about owls in this educational book.

Publish Date // June 3, 2016
Paperback 27 Pages
Genre // Juvenile Non-Fiction – Birds
Age Range // 7+

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Ashlee Craft / Assemblage – Issue 5

IAshlee Craft / Assemblage - Issue 5ssue 5 of Ashlee Craft’s life-is-a-playground art & poetry zine, Ashlee Craft / Assemblage.


be a friend 4 / what he said 5 / colorful polka dots 7 / kindness is free 8 / don’t be too quick to judge 9 / diary entry 10 / tell him (maybe it will be great) 11 / fundraising 12 / how can I be happier? 13 / personality 14 / buy flowers for myself 15 / how can you be free? 16 / feeling better emotionally 17 / numbers (of course you’re a champion) 18 / songs to learn 19 / spunky 20 / don’t be scared 21 / assertiveness 22 / ass kicking music 23 / my name is… 24 / be chill 25 / shopping list 26 / Fibonacci 27 / I will teach you 28 / I can do this 29 / to do on break 30 / shared moments 31 / two pained souls 32 / comfort each other 33 / good things happen 34 / the greatest person 36 / change my life 37 / advice for the day 38 / to do 39 / not fake 40 / names I like 41 / from the shadows 42 / why must we be so sad? (there’s really not a reason) 43 / your phone number 44 / I want you back 45 / how you act towards me 46 / sunlight to grow 47 / saying to me 48 / love, in a few syllables 49 / we danced in the rain 50 / again 51 / owls 52

Publish Date // September 29, 2015
Paperback 52 pages
Genre // Magazines

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