The Allure of a Summer Evening by Ashlee Craft - Cover


The Allure of a Summer Evening2011
A Beautiful Question of Where & When2016
Christmas Poems2013
Dancing in the Sunlight2012
Four Roads to Freedom2012
Little Bird2013
New Life, New Day2012
Panorama Novelty2015
Reflections in the Green Triangle2012
A Ship Onto a Sea of Hope by Ashlee CraftA Ship Onto a Sea of Hope2017
So Long, Lonesome by Ashlee Craft Book CoverSo Long, Lonesome Place2016
Sun in the Night by Ashlee Craft - CoverSun in the Night: The Poems of Art Poems & Assemblage2017
Wall / Box / Light2014
The Walls Were Gray by Ashlee CraftThe Walls Were Gray2017

Four Seasons

Autumn (#1)2011
Winter (#2)2012
Spring (#3)2012
Summer (#4)2012
Four Seasons - The Complete Series2012

A Thousand Cranes

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 12013
A Thousand Cranes, Volume 22013
A Thousand Cranes, Volume 32013
A Thousand Cranes, Volume 42013
A Thousand Cranes, Volume 52014
A Thousand Cranes, Volume 62014
A Thousand Cranes, Volume 72014
A Thousand Cranes, Volume 82014
A Thousand Cranes, Volume 92014
A Thousand Cranes, Volume 102015


Dark Hours2013
Feel the Hidden Flowers2017
Paper Soul2013
Pressure Point2013
Strange Occurrences2011

Summer Hayes

Summer Hayes & the Idol of Neuworth2012


50 Adorable Sheep Facts by Ashlee Craft50 Adorable Sheep Facts2017
Cover for self-help book 101 Ways to Love Yourself: How to Feel Better, Be Happier, & Start Living a Super-Awesome Life Now by Ashlee Craft101 Ways to Love Yourself: How to Feel Better, Be Happier, & Start Living a Super-Awesome Life Now2016
Creative Fuel: 65 Projects to Expand Your Creative Horizons2014
Document Your Life: A Journal2015


Flowers, One2016
FOG: A Zine by Ashlee CraftFOG: A Zine2017


Summer Poetry Art Book2013

Art Poems

Art Poems, Volume 12013
Art Poems, Volume 22013
Art Poems - Volume 3 by Ashlee CraftArt Poems - Volume 32017


The Adventures of Sally the Kiwi2013
Herkimer & The Bully - Herkimer the Mouse by Ashlee CraftHerkimer &
the Bully (Herkimer The Mouse, Book 1)
Larry the Owl Saves Christmas by Ashlee CraftLarry the Owl Saves Christmas2017
Sunny Days, Rainy Days2013
We Love You, Little Owl by Ashlee CraftWe Love You, Little Owl2017

Blossom the Elephant

Blossom the Elephant2012
Blossom the Elephant Makes a Friend2013


Wonderful Wildlife

Manatees (Wonderful Wildlife, Volume 1)2013
Giant Pandas (Wonderful Wildlife, Volume 2)2013
Sloths (Wonderful Wildlife, Volume 3)2013
Octopus (Wonderful Wildlife, Volume 4)2014
Olinguitos (Wonderful Wildlife, Volume 5)2014
Elephants (Wonderful Wildlife, Volume 6)2015
Owls (Wonderful Wildlife, Volume 7)2016
Blobfish (Wonderful Wildlife, Book 8) by Ashlee CraftBlobfish (Wonderful Wildlife,
Book 8)


As of March 4, 2017, I have published a total of 52 books, as well as 14 issues of Assemblage, & 1 zine!