Issue 14 of Ashlee Craft’s life-is-a-playground art & poetry zine, Ashlee Craft / Assemblage! Featuring an interview with guitarist Paul Bielactowicz, an essay about beating depression, & at 66 pages long, this issue has a ton of great art & images, all created by Ashlee Craft.


letter from the editor 4 / what mike said 7 / you are just as afraid as I am 8 / hahahaahaah what I feel like doing 10 / funky snake 11 / I THINK I HAVE FINALLY CURED MY DEPRESSION 12 / african violet 26 / safe + wonderful 27 / metanoia 28 / the fun challenge of saving money 30 / in tune with energy 32 / a rainbow of music 33 / energy & dancing & magic 34 / be all there 35 / energy experiment in love 36 / no I’m not sad again 37 / our beliefs create our experiences 38 / never invisible 39 / INTERVIEW WITH GUITARIST PAUL BIELACTOWICTZ 40 / get happier 55 / don’t let it dull your soul 56 / purple is the happiest color (((good vibes))) 57 / relax & it gets easier 58 / sometimes there are flowers at sunset (COVER PHOTO) 59 / last year I cried 60 / make powerful goals 61 / THE UNIVERSE IS TROLLING ON YOUR BEHALF 62 / vintage spaghetti meme 65

PUBLICATION DATE: February 11, 2019


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Fallon the Wizard #1: King of Darkness, Thief of Souls

Fallon the Wizard Book #1 by Ashlee CraftThe first book in the Fallon the Wizard series. Fallon Bennett, the 16-year-old daughter of the King & Queen of Elwin, is out for her daily horseback ride when she hears a woman screaming from inside an abandoned castle. Knowing she won’t be able to get help in time, she goes in herself to save her. But she comes face to face with the darkest of Evil itself the moment she steps into the castle. The torment she suffers inside threatens to rip her very mind away from her body. It will take everything she’s got & more for her to survive the hour.

Published :: July 29, 2018
Paperback 106 Pages
Genre :: Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

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Epic Florida Road Trip: The Crazy, Beautiful, Nerve-Wracking, & Magical Journey That Changed My Life

Epic Florida Road Trip by Ashlee CraftClimbing the only Canopy Walk tower the Southeastern USA. Watching the sun set from the Naples Pier. Camping in my SMART CAR (of all things), in the Everglades (of all places!). Going on an airboat ride through the Everglades. Holding a baby gator & visiting an alligator farm. Snorkeling in a breathtaking reef off Key Largo. Training baby sting rays & petting sharks. Parasailing over Key West & seeing the island from more than 150 feet up. Feeding giraffes, tortoises, chickens, emus, rhinoceroses, sting rays, nurse sharks, a variety of fish, & parrots. Visiting an ancient Spanish monastery shipped to America from Spain & reassembled in Miami. Watching baby armadillos forage for food in the leaves. Touring the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine. Climbing 219 steps to the top of an 165-foot-tall lighthouse & seeing for 25 miles. Climbing 236 steps down into a prehistoric sinkhole set in the center of a miniature rainforest. Seeing Blue Morpho butterflies in a huge tropical aviary.

All by myself. All on my first-ever vacation away from home.

I had my share of pitfalls (& mosquito bites). But it turned out being one of the most transformational experiences of my life.

And you get to hear about every detail of it right here.

Published :: September 26, 2018
Paperback 601 Pages
Genre :: Non Fiction / Memoirs / Road Trip Stories

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Blobfish (Wonderful Wildlife, Book 8) – NEW RELEASE

Blobfish (Wonderful Wildlife, Book 8) by Ashlee CraftBlobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus) are a species of fish that lives in the deep sea. They are in the family Psychrolutidae. They are famous for being pink & gelatinous looking, although they look a lot different in their deep-sea habitats than they do in the famous blobfish photograph. In 2013, Britain’s Ugly Animal Preservation Society voted the blobfish was the World’s Ugliest Animal. Learn all about them in this fun, educational book!

Publish Date :: December 29, 2017
Paperback 28 Pages
Genre :: Children’s Non-Fiction
Series :: Wonderful Wildlife

A Ship Onto a Sea of Hope – NEW RELEASE

A Ship Onto a Sea of Hope by Ashlee CraftFrom the book –

opening lines

I took the leap & the Universe followed.
I made a decision & the Universe rose up to meet me.

The bold steps I took? Spending money to get my music out there,
to start selling the things I knew I should be selling,
the bold moves in which the Universe saw
that I was exactly what I needed
& my actions proved I was ready
for greater, better things to be bestowed upon me

the bold move towards the things I’d always wanted to have?
I asked him for the keys, tentative for fear of revoking
but he willingly handed me them without argument,
& even when it seemed as though nothing would work out with it,
& I was faced with the option of losing half –
love came through & I found the love was multiplied

I took the bright step, the bold leap towards the kind of
person I always wanted to be; I showed up, & that stood for
something – & when I reached my hand out to touch the largest
beam of sunlight, it did not burn me like I feared it would,
but rather, warmed me deeply from the inside out,

exactly what I needed

A Ship Onto a Sea of Hope contains 57 poems by Ashlee Craft.

Publish Date :: December 12, 2017
Paperback 90 Pages
Genre :: Poetry

The Walls Were Gray – NEW RELEASE

The Walls Were Gray by Ashlee CraftFrom the book –


when you walked in the air was hot & heavy & smelled strongly of
lilies like the warm dark green crevice of a secret garden / you were
so afraid of the world & nowhere seemed a safe place / big & scary
with the expanse of war looming inside & out, conflict mingled with
the inner sadness that followed you everywhere / at least she
would not hug me today / I remembered the
hot summer mowing the yard by the fence
looking at the lake / hot & heavy /
the peculiar, beautiful feeling of the song, deeply hopeful longing
for the love I may one day find, strange beautiful slightly sad music
I embraced that summer / run fast / remember what it was like
growing up at the last house? / you stayed up until 2 am each night
watching videos & reading about your favorite people & bobbing your head to the music /
ruby tuesday, maybe she was right when she accused you of hating your life,
but not doing anything to make it stop being the same


The Walls Were Gray is a collection of 90 poems.

Published :: December 15, 2017
Paperback 104 Pages
Genre :: Poetry