Great Experience at McDonalds Store 34367 SR 54 in Wesley Chapel, FL!

skeeze / Pixabay

Yesterday (3/28/19), I visited the McDonalds store located at 34367 State Road 54 in Wesley Chapel, FL! I was having a big craving for a sort of iced-coffee milkshake type thing & wanted to get a good deal on one. I’d never been to this McDonalds before, nor had a Frappe before.

I went through the drive thru, ordered a small caramel Frappe, & two small fries because my mom & I both wanted some (also, McDonalds fries are THE BEST). The person on the speaker at the drive thru was really nice, & I drove up to the window to pay.

At that window, the associate who helped me was very friendly & helpful. She cheerfully told me I was lucky, because they were afraid they were out of the caramel Frappe mix but they found some just in time. She seemed to genuinely care.

When I went to the window to pick up my food, the associate here again was incredibly friendly & welcoming. She told me it would be a minute on the Frappe because they were changing out the bag on it, so I should pull up in front of the store & they would bring out the Frappe.

As I haven’t been to McDonalds that many times before & didn’t know where to pull up for them to bring my food out to the car. I’d forgotten to ask. I parked along one side of the building & saw for a few minutes, but didn’t see anyone bringing my drink out. I pulled around the other side & still didn’t see anyone, so after waiting for a few more minutes I went into the store.

As soon as the associate who had given me the fry part of my order saw me, in a genuinely caring tone she asked,

“Oh, you didn’t get your drink?”

When I said no, I hadn’t, she immediately stopped what she was doing & began making the Frappe right in front of me. She apologized. I admitted I probably hadn’t pulled up where I should & asked her where I had been supposed to pull up & she explained it very nicely. The associate who was supposed to bring the drink out but who didn’t see my car & had thought I’d left came over & apologized too. The associate making my drink gave me a free upgrade to a large Frappe instead of the small that I’d ordered as a way of saying sorry, & apologized again.

I can’t think of any way that throughout this whole experience that the employees could have been kinder or more helpful towards me. I think the customer service skills of anyone really shine best when a problem is resolved, & these employees solved the problem (even which was more my confusion than theirs) quickly in a very satisfying way, & were just so nice & welcoming throughout the whole process.

I count this among some of the best service I’ve received eating out anywhere, & probably the MOST positive experience I have had with service & staff at a fast food restaurant anywhere. Kudos to the staff at this location. I will definitely be returning!